HighSide for Android

Here are the release notes for the HighSide Android App

Desktop / iOS / Android / Teams

v7.0 (Apr 27, 2022)

- Create SecureDrive Shares directly in the mobile app and quickly send e2e encrypted file / folder share URLs via SMS or other mobile messaging platforms
- Find your files and folders quickly with improved mobile SecureDrive search
- Up-level your productivity when managing drives, files, and folders in SecureDrive with new mobile UI / UX enhancements
- New photo sharing options let you resize photos before sending
- Improved ability to organize and mange your SecureDrive files directly from the mobile app
- User interface upgrades to various screens throughout the app
- Various bug fixes and improvements

v6.12 (Mar 7, 2022)

- Updated error messages when inputting tokens on the wrong server
- Updated and improved call summaries for mobile users
- Added Grid View for SecureDrive
- New user group rules for SecureDrive
- File size now shows on the attachment upload screen
- Restricted disallowed characters in drive creation
- Added a company setting to turn off chat/voice and video

v6.11 (Jan 31, 2022)

- Removed the bounceback on the chat keyboard
- Added the ability for users to crop avatars and team logos
- Updated scroll to bottom to work with new message that come in while scrolled up
- Added a day message in the conversation as you scroll up to indicate which day the messages were sent
- Added a directory services badge for users managed by an external directory
- Added a persistent "External" label to a conversation if a guest user is present
- Removed file bubbles for files that render previews
- Removed the "Image_picker" from file names of images that get selected on mobile
- Announcements are now searchable
- Added phone number validation to the profile page
- Added in app notifications if a user gets messaged while away from the chat
- Updated the download/upload progress bar animations
- Users can now click push notifications to open the app on that conversation
- Various bug fixes and improvements

v6.10 (Dec 10, 2021)

- Added call link generation and management
- Upgraded the jump to bottom functionality
- Added Low Bandwidth mode
- Added a confirmation flash when switching teams
- Added a last unread point in message history
- Added Voice Messages
- Updated the invite contact screen
- Updated message reaction display order and how time is displayed
- Added video previews
- Added a top bar when on a call for mobile but the call isn't focused

v6.9 (Nov 16, 2021)

- Updated @ mentions to allow for common punctuation marks to follow an @ mention
- Added client version to the "Manage Devices" information
- Significantly improved the smoothness of the apps transitions
- Fixed an issue when trying to export a large number of messages
- Added location sharing feature to messages
- Various updates and improvements around search UI
- Fixed an issue where the number of messages being synced could sometimes go negative
- Updated the ability for Android to process background messages to improve user experience
- Various bug fixes and improvements

v6.8 (Oct 19, 2021)

- Added messages to push notification payload to exponentially decrease time taken to sync new messages
- Fixed an issue where Android would close HighSide calls in the background
- Upgraded the filters in the contact, search, and channel modals
- Fixed an issue with @ mentions in expanded mode
- Updated custom emoji selector design
- Ability to turn off message exporting
- Various bug fixes and improvements

v6.7 (Sep 20, 2021)

- Added support to permanently delete SecureDrive files from trash
- Added search results highlighting
- Added the ability to export search results in multiple formats
- Upgraded the message bar to improve user experience
- Added the ability to expand the message bar
- Clicking a replied to message will scroll to original message
- Upgrades to the in app update services to notify users of new versions
- Various bug fixes and improvements

v6.6 (Sep 1, 2021)

- Added Read Only permissions to SecureDrive
- Added the ability to cancel uploads in SecureDrive
- Added a search bar at the top of the settings tab for easier access
- Significantly improved performance for SecureDrive with file uploading and downloading
- Added file locking for SecureDrive
- Changed some elements of the SecureDrive UI
- Various minor bug fixes and improvements

v6.5 (Jul 21, 2021)

- Added the ability to upload files to SecureDrive from Mobile!
- Fixed an issue where user groups were ordered inconsistently
- Changed some text in the admin "Data retention" settings tab
- Edited some SecureDrive icons
- Fixed an issue where using the share feature on Android would cause specific files to corrupt
- Added splitting and grouping to Android push notifications

v6.4 (Jun 24, 2021)

- Added SecureDrive for mobile! Users will have the ability to download, view (if you device has an application allowing you to view the file), restore file versions, and trash files all from their mobile device
- Moved message reactions onto the file preview
- Added server name at the bottom of the "Backup/Secret Key" section for on-prem users
- Fixed some UX when 2FA or 3FA are forced by an admin
- Properly spaced out UI elements on the main chat screen
- Fixed an issue with search when using non english characters

v6.3 (May 18, 2021)

- Various fixes around 2FA and 3FA
- Fixed an issue where the verification chain would show incorrectly
- Fixed an issue with the "Owner" and "Admin" tags for channel members
- Fixed an issue with the search functionality and what it would display with certain parameters
- Fixed the UI and UX with the manage devices tab for both users and Admins
- Fixed an issue with some fields on the invite page being validated incorrectly

v6.2 (Apr 23, 2021)

- Upgraded to Flutter 2.0! This will improve speed of the application by about 30% and make it smoother!
- Fixed an issue where mobile clients would disconnect from a call if the connection was turbulent
- Added the ability to more easily share text to HighSide from other applications
- Fixed an issue with read receipts
- Fixed the UI and UX with the manage devices tab for both users and Admins
- Added the verification chain to mobile!
- Fixed an issue where onprem users couldn't sign in to existing accounts
- Various minor bug fixes and improvements

v6.1 (Mar 17, 2021)

- Upgraded users avatars who have none set. Now uses their initials as an avatar with a colored ring
- Upgraded team icons that don't have one set. Now uses the Team names initials and a colored background
- Added the announcements feature to mobile
- Fixed an issue where Android 11 could not open links
- Various UI upgrades
- Added swipe to reply
- Fixed an issue with expanded messages

v6.0 (Feb 23, 2021)

- Added the ability to view your authorized devices
- Added a yellow flash to the message when searching for a message
- Various text changes and added text when creating user groups
- Added phone numbers to user profiles
- Added a draft indicator next to tabs where a message is being written
- Fixed an issue where @ mentions would jump to the start of the @ rather than continuing on in the message
- Icon updates and various UI updates
- Added a message to channels when the channel topic gets changed
- Fixed an issue where deactivating a user didn't immediately update their profile
- Various bug fixes

v5.4.1 (Feb 12, 2021)

- Various bug fixes

v5.4 (Jan 22, 2021)

- Fixed an issue where all of your teams could randomly be wiped
- Fixed an issue where DM Calls between mobile devices would randomly end at or around the 2 minute mark
- Fixed an issue where the speaker mode option didn't work on the native iOS screen
- Fixed an issue where large numbers of emojis would still be upscaled in size flooding a chat screen, emojis now upscale only at or below 3 emojis
- Fixed various text issues throughout the app, notably when resetting 2FA requirements the app would say "Successfully removed your teams" this now properly reflects the actions being taken
- Fixed an issue where Android devices would lose connection to V+V when the app is in the background
- Fixed issues where the Android app would lose connection randomly

v5.3 (Dec 22, 2020)

- Changes to make Voice and Video function the same on mobile as on desktop
- Added new fields for user profiles such as a bio and an email that can be seen by all users
- Added a new channel details section which allows you to see various information about the channel you're currently viewing
- Various UI fixes around message boxes
- Updated the design of some error messages to better match desktop
- Fixed an issue where videos would be renamed incorrectly
- Added a new way to start chats from the chat screen
- Added an error that pops when a user is signed in on too many clients (Max 100 clients)
- Improved sign in and signup times significantly
- Fixed an issue with read receipts
- Added a recovery screen for if the client fails to load an account
- Added support for on-prem deployments
- Fixed an issue where clients would get an infinite loop of being asked for camera permissions
- Made it so the client won't get image previews that are older than a day from sign in to improve sign in times

v5.2.2 (Dec 5, 2020)

- Improvements to Android connection layer
- Fixed multiple call signaling issues
- Fixed an issue with tabs and unread indicators
- Various enhancements and bug fixes

v5.2.1 (Nov 13, 2020)

- Added support for iPad users to export their debug logs
- Fixed an issue where calls would crash after 30 seconds
- Fixed an issue where teams could get deleted from your device
- Fixed voice and video issues where calls would start with mic muted and wouldn't show avatars
- Various UI improvements

v5.2 (Oct 23, 2020)

- Fixed a V+V issue where users couldn't see video from other call participants
- Improved the way notifications for V+V work
- Fixed an issue where calls wouldn't end if the user was removed from the channel the call was taking place in
- Massive UI overhaul to continue to reach parity with Desktop
- Added call missed/call finished messages
- Added the ability to unarchive channels and adjusted the way channels are archived
- Fixed an issue that removed read receipts if the last message was deleted
- Fixed an issue where a V+V call wouldn’t end if everyone left the call
- Improved UX around loading more results
- Added call finished and missed call designs
- Added the ability to reply to a message from your search results
- Added the ability to remove an avatar or team logo
- Various text tweaks to better reflect what certain features do
- Fixed an issue where some users would automatically get added to a brand new user group
- Fixed an issue where Android users would crash while trying to use V+V

v5.1 (Sep 15, 2020)

- Added statistics around how many messages are being synced when you start the app
- Various fixes around the Compliance Suite and its UI
- New Feature: Added LinkGuard (Admins can disable for their team)
- Various UI fixes
- Fixed Google Drive images rendering incorrectly
- Fixed an issue with Voice and Video where video was duplicating over another users video
- Fixed an issue where different users would see different results when searching with the same criteria
- Fixed an issue where a V+V call wouldn’t end if everyone left the call
- Added call avatars
- Added call finished and missed call designs
- If on a call, the HighSide client will no longer mark you as idle
- Various V+V UI fixes
- Added Active Directory Sync
- Fixed an issue where sending reactions in a channel didn’t mention the sender of the message
- Fixed an issue where trying to delete a message would crash the client
- Fixed an issue where quitting the client wouldn’t remove you from a call
- Added the ability to remove your reactions from messages
- Fixed an issue where file uploads would fail and timeout
- Fixed an issue where files would upload multiple times
- Added the users avatar to the call screen rather than initials
- Changed UI elements to create parity with Desktop
- Added the ability to rename files before sending them
- Added an image preview when sending an image with the ability to be renamed
- Further improved how smooth chats with large messages are

v5.0 (Jun 4, 2020)

- New Feature: Voice and Video
- Fixed an issue where the app would not connect at all
- Fixed various issues with MFA
- Fixed an issue with read receipts not being updated properly
- Various UI changes
- Fixed an issue where viewing a profile from an active chat showed the wrong profile
- Added a read receipt message when no one has seen the message
- Added haptic feedback when holding down a message
- Various UX fixes such as fixing an issue where inviting a new user had guest selected by default
- Fixes with download progress bars
- Added view files to conversation menu
- Fixed an issue where large messages would freeze the chat screen for a brief time
- Improved the speed at which lockout restrictions are applied
- New Feature: Idle Status
- Improved the contact screen load speed

v4.4.2 (May 7, 2020)

- Fixed an issue where poor connections would send duplicate messages
- Fixed an issue with read receipts where the read receipt would not update when the user sent messages
- Fixed an issue where the app would not reconnect if left running in the background for too long
- Improved the location restricition locking
- Added a couple changes to our Active Directory support and Integrations
- Fixed an issue with searching conversations

v4.4.1 (Apr 16, 2020)

- Bug fixes and improvements implemented

v4.4 (Apr 15, 2020)

- Added Read Receipts!
- Various fixes to improve the loading speed of contacts and messages
- Added authentication using biometrics
- Added the download and upload progress bar to other screens for a better UX
- Various UI fixes
- Fixed an issue with time restrictions on user groups
- Fixed an issue when replying to a message with an emoji
- Added a resend invite option so admins no longer have to deactivate a user and send a brand new invite
- Fixed the search option on the chat screen
- Fixed a crash that would happen when changing an avatar on Android only

v4.3 (Mar 20, 2020)

- Various UI tweaks and fixes
- Upgrades to our current search system
- UX changes for users that have been deactivated
- Improved contact list pagination
- Maximum users per channel cap added (100)
- Various changes to @ mentioning
- Various emoji fixes
- Added an expand button for longer messages
- Fixed an issue with the "Share to HighSide" functionality
- Improved consistency with desktop app
- Added new download and upload progress bars
- Stability and performance improvements

v4.2 (Feb 27, 2020)

- Log export improved
- Mention list feature improved
- Remember messages being typed on all open tabs
- Opening image preview vs download image behavior fixed
- Fixed issue when Top bar on Android was blank after reopening the app
- Added ability to edit someones user group from profile page
- Fixed issue when "last seen online" feature was not working properly
- Fixed some issues with Push notifications
- Server synchronization behavior improved
- Fixed issue where every update made image previews disappear
- Some additional visual changes and minor bug fixes

v4.1.1 (Feb 13, 2020)

- Fixed an issue where chat pages could not be clicked consistently
- Moved "Submit Feedback" and "Rate App" to the application tab of settings
- Changed the Description on moving users out of User Groups

v4.1 (Feb 10, 2020)

- Vibration notification for new messages added even when user is in the app already
- User now gets push notifications even when app is in the middle of synchronization
- Added some more user friendly error messages
- Opening chat screen and scrolling in it is smoother now
- Fixed an issue when user was not able to invite new team member in certain situations
- App is now blurred in app switcher
- Improved image cropping behavior
- Sharing text, urls, images and videos to HighSide from other apps now available
- Fixed an issue with resending messages which failed to deliver
- Only Admins of the group can invite new members now
- Reviewed the behavior of Multi Factor authentication
- Added last seen online for direct messages and topic for channels
- Added more message reaction options
- Various user interface enhancements
- Various minor bugs fixed

v4.0 (Jan 13, 2020)

- All new iOS app rebuilt from the ground up
- Added new scaling architecture
- Brand new channel management
- Upgraded user group management
- Tabs now sync between devices
- Verifications now sync between devices
- Added ability to archive a channel
- Brand new rearchitected file transfer system
- Brand new time and location restrictions feature
- Upgraded image preview system
- Performance and stability improvements
- Upgraded mobile UX

v3.3.1 (Aug 6, 2019)

- Performance improvements
- Multiple bug fixes

v3.3 (Jul 24, 2019)

- Under the hood updates for future features
- Design upgrades for unread tabs
- Upgrades to image previews
- Fixed bug with data retention period
- Various design enhancements
- Various bug fixes

v3.2.3 (Jul 22, 2019)

- Bug fixes

v3.2.2 (Jun 17, 2019)

- Performance improvements
- Bug fixes

v3.2.1 (Jun 6, 2019)

- Tab search selection fix
- Message error UI fixes
- Unread tabs now bold the tab text
- Various enhancements and bug fixes

v3.2 (May 23, 2019)

- Fixed issue with team logos being blank
- Chat headers UI improvements
- Improved image previews for links
- New unread messages system
- Improved chat UI
- New view in conversation feature
- New message reactions panel
- New star message feature
- Added delete functionality on search view
- Settings bug fixes

v3.1.1 (Mar 15, 2019)

- Huge stability and performance improvements
- Various design enhancements
- Wide variety of bugs fixed

v3.1 (Feb 28, 2019)

- Notification preferences feature added
- Channel topic feature added
- Flashing system for enhanced UX
- Connecting and syncing enhancements
- Integration messages showing in message thread
- Design updates to the message thread
- Increased speed of file uploads
- Various enhancements and bug fixes

v3.0.1 (Jan 5, 2019)

- UI redesigned
- Bug fixes
- Improved overall stability

v3.0 (Dec 5, 2018)

- Connection layer code rewritten
- Message reactions feature added
- New admin control: blacklist words
- Regulatory compliance features added
- UI made more consistent between desktop and mobile
- Ability to deactivate / reactivate users added
- Added ability for admins to manage channel members even if they don't own the channel
- Stability and performance improvements
- Bug fixes

v2.0.5 (May 14, 2018)

- Fixed bug that causes endless crashing after attempting to send an attachment
- Various enhancements

v2.0.3 (May 2, 2018)

- Fix for fatal crashes
- Fixed bug with blacklist censoring
- Fixed bug with signing in with a new import key
- Misc. bug fixes

v2.0.1 (Mar 29, 2018)

- Added keyword blacklisting
- Added automatic inline image support
- Added notification settings
- Support for remote wipe
- All new files tab
- Improved search functionality
- Bug fixes

v2.0.0 (Mar 27, 2018)

- Support for user groups
- Support invites via SMS
- Support for multiple admins in one company
- Protocol changes to support much faster login
- Bug fixes
- Design enhancements

v1.4.0 (Oct 24, 2017)

- Changed application name from ClearChat to HighSide
- Rebranded app to HighSide

v1.3.0 (Oct 20, 2017)

- Added support for Multi-factor authentication
- Added option to export messages for compliance
- Various bug fixes and improvements

v1.2.1 (Aug 22, 2017)

- Many bug fixes throughout the app

v1.2.0 (Jun 15, 2017)

- You can now create new organizations from the app
- You can now manage organization settings from the app
- Improved sign-up flow
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

v1.0.2 (Mar 16, 2017)

- Added open source attributions
- Enhanced group member and management UI
- Added company setup UI for first time logins
- Improved performance on conversations with long chat histories
- Misc. bug fixes and security enhancements

v1.0.0 (Feb 21, 2017)

- Initial app release