Secure collaboration, text, voice & video

End-to-End Encrypted Messages & Meetings

HighSide's secure collaboration platform provides a true end-to-end encrypted environment, enabling security, data access controls and ensuring compliance - complete with the features and functionality your employees demand.

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Collaborating in compliance

Security & Compliance Come Standard

Ensure every communication - chat message, group conversations, voice & video call - is secure and compliant. With each user their own private root of trust, admin controlled device authorizations and integrated compliance management suite, HighSide is secure collaboration.

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Transform your workflow

Give your R&D, product development, HR, finance, and any team handling intellectual property or sensitive information the ability to store and share confidential documents. With support for Microsoft RMS, Azure Information Protection (AIP) and access rules based on data type, user location and more, you don't have to trust your data is being used responsibly - you can ensure it.

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Business Productivity, meet Data Security

You don't have to sacrifice features and functionality to be secure, HighSide's secure collaboration platform has everything your users need and everything they want (we all need more gifs!)

  • Integrated voice & video calling for groups as well as direct calls
  • Chat in direct messages, channels, and group conversations
  • Securely send files to colleagues, partners and suppliers
  • Share giphy's to keep the #breakroom levity going!
  • Data Residency & Custom Retention Management

Meet, exceed & ensure compliance

Exceed CMMC guidance
Meet ITAR requirements
Ensure GDPR compliance
MEET SEC & FCA Requirements
HIPPA Compliant Certified
DoD Approved Data Center

Control Who, What, When & Where with Integrated Data Access Management

Make sure only those in authorized locations and on authorized devices can access sensitive files and data.

Integrate with your Active Directory or other identity management solution and auto-create access rules based on pre-existing security policies

Auto-wipe devices and ensure your data never falls into the wrong hands. Advanced device controls take away a major headache for IT and infosec teams.

Invite your partners, vendors and suppliers - data security shouldn't stop at the door

Organization's leverage HighSide's distributed encryption and data access management controls to engage securely up and down the supply chain. With granular controls, companies can invite partners into HighSide to work on specific projects, see select data and engage with a limited set of users based on their business needs.

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SaaS, On-Prem or a FedRAMP cloud, HighSide delivers best-in-class collaboration in a uniquely secured way.

Most customers choose HighSide SaaS, but when the mission calls for an isolated computing environment or demands an on-prem installation, HighSide delivers. With a distributed SaaS hosting architecture, easy to deploy Kubernetes cluster, and DoD approved cloud environments, customers control how they manage their secure collaboration.

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Features your users actually want to use

Private & Public Channels

Closed and private channels enable internal teams to collaborate on sensitive projects while allowing all users to hangout in the "breakroom"

Voice & Video Calls w/ Screen Sharing

Seamless voice and video calls allow one-on-one conversations and team discussions to take place in a secure environment - you can even have neverending video calls within channels that users can join and leave whenever they need (or want) to connect with their colleagues.

iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & Linux Apps

HighSide is available on all the devices you use. Whether you've got it on your work laptop, personal iPhone or government Android device, our platform works seamlessly across all major desktop and mobile platforms. Pick up where you left off when you switch devices and even transfer calls from device to device.

Giphy, Emojis and Reactions!

Everyone loves GIFs and emojis! Integrated giphy let's your team have some fun meme banter and built-in emoji reactions let you quickly get the point across and keep the conversation flowing.

Real-time Search

Search across channels, conversations or for files with powerful real-time results. Filter your search results based on conversation, channel, date, sender and more - never lose your work! Favorite messages and files for quick recall through the search filters.

In-line Replies & Message Deletion

Easily reply to a message to make sure your teammates know exactly what you are referring to. Send the wrong thing? Need to make an edit? Delete the message and start over (as long as your admin allows this).

Powered by HEAP

Powered by HighSide's distributed Encryption & Authentication Protocol (HEAP), HighSide's platform & modules bring modern collaboration, cloud file storage & sharing and access management controls to the security and compliance conscious organization. Even organizations who have already committed to less secure collaboration environments can take advantage of encryption apps & modules powered by HighSide.

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Transform your business, enhance data security, and meet compliance requirements

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