Jonathan Warren

Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan Warren is in charge of general engineering operations, feature planning and major system design details, and the people that help build our product suite. His focus centers around the operation of the chat clients, our servers and the communications protocol they use and, on the back end, managing company databases and other forms of storage. Jonathan strives to instill good coding practices in all of HighSide's developers so that the system is strong against attackers, can scale up by orders of magnitude without any major challenges, and is inexpensive to maintain long-term.

Jonathan has been a software developer in the security and cryptocurrency space for eight years, previously working at, Coin Apex, and BitInstant. He also created Bitmessage in 2012, a messaging system that is fully encrypted, decentralized, trustless, and which aims to hide even the identity sender and receiver of messages from eavesdroppers. Although HighSide does not share the decentralization or anonymity properties of Bitmessage, Bitmessage's design heavily influenced HighSide's design decisions surrounding message encryption and authentication.

Jonathan has spoken at RSA Conference and is very interested in how technology changes how people and institutions interact and what the long term effects on all of us will be.

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