Evan Blair

Chief Revenue Officer

Evan Blair is the Chief Revenue Officer at HighSide, where he is responsible for sales, marketing, business development and customer success. He leads the charge to help organizations implement zero trust data sharing, access & collaboration programs around the world. Mr. Blair, a seasoned international cyber security executive, previously co-founded and led the global cyber security firm ZeroFOX, built & ran Accuvant's (now Optiv's) global partner solutions division, and led sales & marketing for the 16th fastest growing private company. Evan serves as a startup adviser through his role at DreamIT SecureTech and sits on the board of Cyber Crucible, the leader in ransomware protection.

An experienced global speaker, Evan has presented at conferences including the RSA Conference, Digital Copenhagen, McAfee FOCUS, SINET and has been featured by the New York Times, The Atlantic, Forbes and other major publications. He has been a fixture on Capitol Hill, working to advance legislation and funding for Active Duty military and Veterans cyber protection as well as advanced fraud and cyber protections for the American taxpayer.

Blending his cybersecurity expertise with a background in international economics, Mr. Blair helps businesses develop and launch value based cyber initiatives addressing both the concerns of the CISO and the CFO.

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