Aaron Turner

Board Member & Security Advisor

Aaron Turner is a multi-decade veteran of the InfoSec community and a Board Member & Security Advisor at HighSide, where he focuses on bringing his unique background in communications security to HighSide's distributed key and identity management systems. Starting as an independent penetration tester in the early 1990's, Aaron quickly rose to prominence during the massive worm attacks of the early 2000's, to launch many of Microsoft's security initiatives.

Eventually, Aaron would lead security programs at Microsoft, responsible for all interactions between Microsoft and its customers' CISOs. In 2006, he was invited to lead a research project at the Idaho National Lab, funded by DHS, DOE and DOD investigating how the system vulnerabilities in commodity software and hardware impact critical infrastructure. Aaron has served as an IANS Research Faculty since 2006, training over 20,000 attendees at IANS Forums, helping Fortune 1000 clients solve the toughest cybersecurity problems in over 1000 Ask-an-Expert calls (60-minute confidential, deep-domain, client consulting discussions), and serves on the IANS Faculty Advisory Board.

Based on his IANS Faculty work, he was invited to participate as a member of the RSA Conference Event Committee and has served with industry leaders to advise the event on content selection since 2014. He is one of the highest-rated RSA Conference speakers in the last decade.

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