Access & Compliance

Access Control & Compliance Management

HighSide's patented access control capabilities both eliminate passwords (and thus phishing concerns) while providing granular management of who, what, where and when data & conversations can be accessed. With an integrated compliance management suite, HighSide's e2e encrypted platform supports e-discovery and enables immutable activity logging.

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Control Who, What, When & Where with Integrated Data Access Management

Make sure only those in authorized locations and on authorized devices can access sensitive files and data.

Integrate with your Active Directory or other identity management solution and auto-create access rules based on pre-existing security policies

Auto-wipe devices and ensure your data never falls into the wrong hands. Advanced device controls take away a major headache for IT and infosec teams.

Zero Trust access management & controls

  • Advanced geo-location controls
  • Device, time & proximity based restrictions
  • LDAP integration for user management
  • iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & Linux apps available
  • Device management capabilities
  • DoD Approved Data Center
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Collaborating in compliance

Security & Compliance Come Standard

HighSide's integrated compliance management suite gives organization's the ability to deliver on e-discovery and government / industry compliance requirements without sacrificing data security. Already using a compliance management platform? HighSide's compliance capabilities are easily extended to data analytics, compliance and event management applications.

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With more control, comes more engagement!

Organization's leverage HighSide's access management controls to engage securely up and down the supply chain. With granular controls, companies can invite partners into HighSide to work on specific projects, see select data and engage with a limited set of users based on their business needs.

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Meet, exceed & ensure compliance

Exceed CMMC guidance
Meet ITAR requirements
Ensure GDPR compliance
MEET SEC & FCA Requirements
HIPPA Compliant Certified
DoD Approved Data Center

Transform your workflow

Give your R&D, product development, HR, finance, and any team handling intellectual property or sensitive information the ability to store and share confidential documents. With support for Microsoft RMS, Azure Information Protection (AIP) and access rules based on data type, user location and more, you don't have to trust your data is being used responsibly - you can ensure it.

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Powered by HEAP

Powered by HighSide's distributed Encryption & Authentication Protocol (HEAP), HighSide's platform & modules bring modern collaboration, cloud file storage & sharing and access management controls to the security and compliance conscious organization. Even organizations who have already committed to less secure collaboration environments can take advantage of encryption apps & modules powered by HighSide.

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Transform your business, enhance data security, and meet compliance requirements

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