Encryption for Microsoft Teams

Bringing end-to-end encryption to Microsoft Teams for the first time, the HighSide extension allows you to securely encrypt messages and files sent through your existing Teams deployment.

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Sync, Share, Collaborate

Share Regulated Data, Intellectual Property & Sensitive Data

Enhance the value of Teams by ensuring everyday and sensitive conversations can take place in the same environment. Let your users seamlessly move between office banter, status updates and sensitive data sharing in direct messages, group messages and across team conversations.

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Simon Williams, CEO

"As organisations have raced to remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic, sometimes the appropriate security measures have been missed. We are delighted to be partnering with HighSide to take their Microsoft Teams extension and strong secure communications tools to our client base."

As simple as attaching a file, easier than sending an email

Simply click the HighSide icon in your tool bar (next to where you attach files) and you are writing encrypted messages and sharing encrypted files! With the ability to tag users so they get notified in group chats, never miss a collaboration beat while ensuring data integrity. Oh, and don't forget HighSide enables guest users and federated users access without additional licensing needed - so start sharing with your partners and external collaborators today!

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Use DLP controls to ensure sensitive content is encrypted

HighSide ties into Microsoft's DLP controls to force the use of the HighSide encryption extension to send and share specific types of data. Don't trust your users to remember to do the right thing, make sure they can't forget.

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Zero Trust means don't trust your users, admins, EKM keys, HighSide, and even Microsoft

  • HighSide provides an underlying key management infrastructure, linked with Microsoft user accounts, to seamlessly provide FIPS 140-2 grade encryption.
  • Eliminate risks with private key management and M365 admins have access to your keys.
  • Trust no one, especially Microsoft. HighSide doesn't own your encryption keys, the distributed nature of our encryption management layer ensures there is no single point of failure.
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Meet, exceed & ensure compliance

Exceed CMMC guidance

Meet ITAR requirements

Ensure GDPR compliance

MEET SEC & FCA Requirements

HIPPA Compliant Certified

DoD Approved Data Center

How it works


Your Teams administrator makes the HighSide extension available to the appropriate users. It is instantly deployed across all of their devices.


Next time users access Teams, they will see the HighSide extension in their message bar. When clicked, the HighSide extension opens a new message window.


Messages & files sent using the HighSide extension are automatically end-to-end encrypted, and can only be decrypted by your other team members whom you’ve explicitly given access.


To unauthorized users, including Microsoft employees, HighSide employees, users without the plugin and would-be attackers, messages sent with the HighSide extension will appear as an encrypted blob and will be undecipherable.

Powered by HEAP

Powered by HighSide's distributed Encryption & Authentication Protocol (HEAP), HighSide's platform & modules bring modern collaboration, cloud file storage & sharing and access management controls to the security and compliance conscious organization. Even organizations who have already committed to less secure collaboration environments can take advantage of encryption apps & modules powered by HighSide.

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Transform your business, enhance data security, and meet compliance requirements

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