Beyond Zero Trust Multi-Factor Authentication & Access Control

SecureAccess fulfills the promise that authentication security should enable users, not confound them. Leveraging HighSide's distributed Encryption & Authentication Protocol (HEAP), organizations can eliminate the security concerns of passwords, traditional 2FA and MFA. HighSide's SecureAccess can eliminate the risk of phishing entirely (yes, bold statement).

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Zero Trust, Zero Hassle

Distributed crypto-based authentication made easy

Whether configured as a cloud application MFA authentication service or integrated into privileged access management (PAM) or next-generation firewall access gateways, SecureAccess uses an unlimited (x) number of trust factors to broker access through SAML, OAuth, RADIUS, OpenID Connect or LDAP capable applications and network appliances.

Trust nothing.
Get all the factors you need

  • Advanced geo-location controls
  • Device, time & proximity based restrictions
  • LDAP integration for user management
  • iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & Linux apps available
  • Lower total cost of ownership vs. traditional systems
  • Federated identity without lifting a finger
  • DoD Approved Data Center
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Ditch the code generator and liberate your users

SecureAccess guarantees* you'll make users' lives easier AND increase the overall security posture. HighSide gives you a trusted way to broker access in a Zero Trust model, all without the need for passwords, 2FA codes or USB keys.

"Access this secure shouldn't be this easy"

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Rock Paper Scissors... HighSide Wins

HighSide's distributed Encryption & Authentication Protocol, or HEAP, is the most secure authentication mechanism available. Unlike traditional MFA and SSO applications, each SecureAccess user is their own private root of trust, and their cryptographically unique encryption keys are automatically managed by HighSide on their approved device. There is no one user or server who has access to all of the keys, and no one place or person an attacker can compromise to gain access to the entire system. With a direct connection to the user's pre-authorized device and an encrypted handshake, users can access all their applications without needing to remember a password (or enter a pesky and insecure SMS or MFA code).

  • Distributed access management ensures there is no single point of failure. A compromise of one does not mean a compromise of all - and better yet, you don't have to trust HighSide!
  • Distributed user management provides an incredibly easy way to federate identity across multiple affiliates, member firms, franchises, and more.
  • Distributed systems provide a lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional identity and authentication offerings.

Easily grant and manage access for your partners, vendors and suppliers

With the ability to easily grant access to anyone, organizations can leverage HighSide's authentication to engage securely up and down the supply chain. Authorize partners or suppliers to access internal systems and control everything from when they can access, what devices they are accessing with and where they can access from. Expand how you engage while ensuring that integrity of your data and systems is maintained.

Powered by HEAP

Powered by HighSide's distributed Encryption & Authentication Protocol (HEAP), HighSide's platform & modules bring modern collaboration, cloud file storage & sharing and access management controls to the security and compliance conscious organization. Even organizations who have already committed to less secure collaboration environments can take advantage of encryption apps & modules powered by HighSide.

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Transform your business, enhance data security, and meet compliance requirements

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