HighSide Resources

White papers, research reports, compliance briefs and more. HighSide's resource section is a great place to learn more about the security & compliance challenges facing organizations today and how e2e encryption and a secure collaboration environment can help meet them head on.

ITAR Control Mapping Compliance Brief CMMC Compliance Solution Brief HighSide for Mission Teams Datasheet GDPR Compliance Brief Solution Brief Remix Medical: Healthcare Customer Case Study Case Study Why Your Business Needs a Secure Collaboration Tool Now Analyst Report How HighSide's Distributed Encryption Works White Paper InSecurities of Traditional Collaboration, Cloud File Sharing & Messaging Applications White Paper ITAR & EAR Compliance Solution Brief Global Intelligence Firm - Secure Collaboration, Voice & Video Case Study Fortune 500 R&D & Manufacturing Firm - SecureDrive, Secure Access & ITAR Controls Case Study SecureTeams Datasheet DataSheet SecureDrive Datasheet DataSheet Messages & Meetings Datasheet DataSheet HighSide Platform Datasheet DataSheet