Controlled File-Sharing for Sensitive & Regulated Data

HighSide provides a fully E2E encrypted file sharing & cloud storage capability - merging the ease of use employees expect from consumer grade systems, with the data security and compliance controls enterprises require.

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Sync, Share, Collaborate

Security has never been this productive

Local editing, version control & file sync allows your teams, customers, partners, and suppliers to collaborate on the same document while maintaining file encryption integrity. Finally, a secure way to collaborate on documents and files regardless of extension or sensitivity.

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Meet, exceed & ensure compliance

Exceed CMMC guidance
Meet ITAR requirements
Ensure GDPR compliance
MEET SEC & FCA Requirements
HIPPA Compliant Certified
DoD Approved Data Center

Measure twice, share once

Detailed data access and sharing management tools give security teams the ability to quickly integrate existing DLP rules or implement bespoke policies.

  • Mark specific files or folders as “read-only” keeping them in the HighSide environment and virtually eliminate the chance for data loss
  • Let users sync files they need and facilitate multi-user collaboration in documents regardless of extension type. Need to sync, share and collaborate on a CAD file? No problem.
  • Open document collaboration to your partners without the risk of your data getting into the wrong hands.

Transform your workflow

Give your R&D, product development, HR, finance, and any team handling intellectual property or sensitive information the ability to store and share confidential documents. With support for Microsoft RMS, Azure Information Protection (AIP) and access rules based on data type, user location and more, you don't have to trust your data is being used responsibly - you can ensure it.

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Control Who, What, When & Where with Integrated Data Access Management

Make sure only those in authorized locations and on authorized devices can access sensitive files and data.

Integrate with your Active Directory or other identity management solution and auto-create access rules based on pre-existing security policies

Auto-wipe devices and ensure your data never falls into the wrong hands. Advanced device controls take away a major headache for IT and infosec teams.

Work across devices and in low-bandwidth environments

HighSide leverages as a bit-torrent style file upload and download mechanism. Our protocol allows us to maintain end-to-end file encryption while delivering superb performance on even the weakest of networks.

Native application support for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android ensure that no matter the type of device your users will be able to maintain productivity while you maintain data integrity.

Features your users actually want to use

Drag & Drop Files

Easily drag & drop files into your SecureDrive to automatically upload, encrypt and share with your teams in an instant.

Integrated with OS file system

HighSide's SecureDrive is optionally integrated with your file system so no need to even open the app to access your files or to create new shares - just use the finder or file explorer like you always do.

Local & Off-line Sync

Never be without your files even if your network connection is down. HighSide's SecureDrive syncs your files (you control what can be synced) locally to ensure productivity knows no limits.

Version History & Restore

Access up to 1,000 saved versions of files and let users (or admins) restore old versions.

File Lock

Lock files that you are actively editing to ensure all users "wait" for your changes before viewing, sharing or editing the document.

Customizable Trash

No one finds trash exciting, but it's important to know you can always restore trashed data if you change your mind!

Powered by HEAP

Powered by HighSide's distributed Encryption & Authentication Protocol (HEAP), HighSide's platform & modules bring modern collaboration, cloud file storage & sharing and access management controls to the security and compliance conscious organization. Even organizations who have already committed to less secure collaboration environments can take advantage of encryption apps & modules powered by HighSide.

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Transform your business, enhance data security, and meet compliance requirements

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