Secure & Compliant Collaboration for Enterprises

HighSide is the unified comms & files platform that looks & functions like the tools your employees want to use, with the security & compliance functionality required by the C-suite & regulators.

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3-Part Value Proposition

HighSide differentiates and improves upon alternatives in 3 key areas, empowering, protecting and enhancing your team.




Measurably Increase Productivity

HighSide gives your team access to a modern unified comms & file sharing platform including voice, video, text & files, reducing risk of shadow IT (use of apps/services such as WhatsApp which are not compliant nor sanctioned by your IT department) as well as reliance on dated/insecure comms channels. Employees get more done with HighSide.

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Reduce Risk of Data Breaches

Today an incredible 91% of all data breaches start at the communications layer. With proprietary end-to-end encryption, password-less authentication technology and user identity management, HighSide protects your people and your bottom line by securing your organization's weakest link against both internal and external threats.

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Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Built-in tools designed to help your team achieve compliance across sectors ranging from Finance, Military, Government and Healthcare, including enterprise information archiving, immutable audit logs, eDisovery + supervision tools and more. Solutions for GDPR, ITAR, HIPAA, FISMA, SEC/FINRA, etc.

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"Two prominent themes we encounter almost every day in our research are identity policy and zero trust security... HighSide will no doubt result in an effective, and no doubt popular, protection solution for unified communications in the enterprise."
Edward Amoroso - CEO of TAG Cyber and former CISO of AT&T

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