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Your “HIPAA Compliant” Email & Messaging Apps are Being Targeted & Hacked

The need for improved HIPAA compliant technologies is becoming more apparent.

The number of data breaches in the healthcare industry has increased steadily for the past four years. From 2015 to 2018 alone, healthcare breaches increased by more than 26%. And while cyber attacks are growing across all sectors, the healthcare industry is especially vulnerable.  

A recent Ponemon Institute study shows that, on average, healthcare records sell for 250% more than other information on the dark web. 

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If Cybersecurity is the “Biggest Threat” to Western Powers, Why is there NO Cybersecurity Zone at DSEI 2019?

Over 35,000 people will stroll the aisles at DSEI this year. They expect exhibitors, more than 1,600 of them, to amaze with new, innovative solutions for the greatest problems in defence. The world’s biggest defence contractors and service providers will be there demonstrating their latest and most impressive technologies and solutions. 

Thought leadership? DSEI will host over 300 speakers that are all government leaders or experts in the defence industry. 

As far as defence conferences go, DSEI is the pinnacle. 

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A Bank’s Biggest Challenge: Data Security Compliance

There have been more than 500 bank failures in the past decade. 

More than 500 failures.

Of them, most were smaller community banks that couldn’t recover from the effects of the Great Recession. Since the economic downturn, the surviving banks are regaining strength and financial stability, but many are still struggling with operational and financial challenges.

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Hackers Are Targeting Community Banks. Here’s What You Need to Know.

“Our money is safer under the mattress than it is in the community bank!”

We all sort of laughed at my neighbor’s conclusion to the philosophical discussion about current banking cyber crimes. About five of us were tossing around our perceptions of the cyber readiness of financial institutions when Chris decided we should just take all our money out. Of course, we were being a bit fantastical and just having fun with our dramatized cyber doomsday scenarios. And I don’t think Chris was serious about keeping his money under a mattress. 

But the truth is, many banks are struggling to keep up with information security. And the terrifying truth is, a lot of their efforts are trailing behind hackers’ capabilities.  

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Does the Raytheon Technologies Merger Threaten National Security?

Last month, aerospace giant United Technologies and defense leader Raytheon announced their merger. The new company, Raytheon Technologies Corp, will be the second largest aerospace-defense entity in the world. And while most of the aerospace-defense world reacted with varying degrees of surprise, some are looking at this merger a bit more skeptically.   

President Donald Trump, particularly, raised some very specific concerns about the unification. 

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How Hackers Are Spying on US & Canadian Special Forces

The United States military has over 2 million uniformed members. When we think about that number, it’s easy to envision a massive fighting force positioned all over the world defending the country and its allies.

In reality, however, a mere 2% of that force – an elite group known as Special Operations Forces (SOF) – are fighting more and more of America’s battles.

In fact, Special Operations troops execute missions in over 80 countries on a continual basis.

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What You (and Your Boss) Need to Know About the Facebook + WhatsApp Merge

Things have changed. There was a time in the not-so-distant past when companies and organizations felt confident and secure in communicating via email. As technology developed, many of those entities supplemented their communications by adding text messaging to send quick updates or transmit time sensitive information.

These days, most enterprises know that email comms lack security. And even text messages are subject to phishing attacks. To keep private information private and to remain in compliance and avoid regulatory fines, savvy leaders are looking for more secure solutions.

…and some of them have settled on WhatsApp.

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The Comms Tool I Wish I Had in US Nuclear Operations

Better. That’s how RSA wrapped up the main idea for their 2019 conference. How can we communicate safer, faster, better?

Thinking about this theme made me reflect on my time as an Army Signal Officer with the Joint Nuclear Operations Center (JNOC). It was me, my Platoon Sergeant, a couple squad leaders, and 20 brand new soldiers operating one of the few Joint Defense nuclear command and control (NC2) satellite terminal posts in the world.

And while this was one of the most rewarding positions I’ve ever held – in and outside of the military – it came with a lot of challenges.

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